The Success of our Custom Suits Online Concept

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Both personal configuration and volume distribution are not reflected in measures. Thus, we have developed a new measurement system, which will enable us to make your suits perfectly fitted and suppressing traditional measures.


One of the most complex aspects of a bespoke suit are client’s corporal configuration and distribution of volumes, which are not reflected in measures. To analyse them correctly is necessary and extensive experience in the tailor fitting room and to develop, what we call “clinic eye”.

With my extensive experience in the top positions of the Spanish Tailoring, I have developed a comfortable and reliable, that enable us to know your personal configuration with only a few measures system. Also we will know the most flattering design for you (asymmetry and shoulder height, optimal point of fittings, buttons and pocket height, lapels, length…). Thus, you will enjoy a better made suit, perfectly fitted and more stylish.